Speeches & Appearances



photo collage of feminist, author and activist Gloria Steinem

While this will be the most comprehensive list of speeches that we have access to, it is certainly not exhaustive.  In fact, these are a very small fraction of Gloria's speeches over the years.  If you have a recording or memory of one of Gloria's speeches not posted here, we'd love to hear from you!



Testimony, Senate Hearings on Equal Rights Amendment, 6 May 1970

"Living the Revolution," Vassar Commencement Address, 1970



Testimony before New Democratic Coalition Foreign Policy Hearings, 14 September 1971

"Why Harvard Law School Needs Women More Than Women Need It," 23 September 1971



National Press Club, 24 Jan 1972

"Ms.-Today and Tomorrow," excerpts of talk before staff of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Dec 1972

League of Women Voters national convention, 1972



"New Life Styles," talk at Conference on the American Woman, University of Georgia, Athens, 2 Aug 1973

"America's Need to Know" symposium, New York City, 18 Sep 1973

American Association of Advertising Agencies, Greenbrier, 1973

Simmons College Commencement, 1973

"The Feminist Revolution," American Association of Advertising Agencies Annual Meeting and Central Region Annual Meeting, 31 Oct 1973

Association of National Advertisers' Media Workshop, 4 Dec 1973



"Are We Open to Change?" speech to Life Insurance Advertisers Association, San Francisco, Oct 1974

College of Marin, Kentfield, California, Oct 1974

American Society of Corporate Secretaries National Conference, Puerto Rico, Jun 1974



"Statement of the Feminist Movement," Women Unlimited Conference, University of Utah, 16 Oct 1975

PR Conference (possibly by Pat Carbine), 4 Sep 1975



American Marketing Association conference, New York City, 25 Jan 1977



St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, MO, 1978



Talk before an unidentified women's conference at the University of Southern California, May 1979

Caucus Convention, Cincinnati (includes introduction by Frances Lear), 15 Jul 1979



"Women Against War" conference, New York, 10 Jun 1980



Economic Democracy, Nov 1981



California Nurses Association, Oakland, 10-20 Feb 1982



Speech nominating Irene Natividad as chair of the National Women's Political Caucus, Biennial convention, 1985



Ms. Foundation for Women/ POWER benefit, 28 Jan 1986

Wheaton College Commencement, 31 May 1986



Cleveland City Club, 1987



Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr College, commencement, 1988



Roast of John Mack Carter, 1993



"Leaps of Consciousness," 3rd Annual Women & Power Conference, organized by Omega Institute and V-Day, 13 Apr 1998