Speeches & Appearances


photo collage of feminist, author and activist Gloria Steinem

While this will be the most comprehensive list of speeches that we have access to, it is certainly not exhaustive.  In fact, these are a very small fraction of Gloria's speeches over the years.  If you have a recording or memory of one of Gloria's speeches not posted here, we'd love to hear from you!


For speeches from 1970-2000, click here.

Women of Distinction, Simsbury, CT, 18 May 2001
Pace University Commencement, New York, NY, 24 May 2001
Unique Lives, Edmonton, Alberta, 28 May 2001
Gay Pride Wedding Party, New York, NY, 24 Jun 2001
Wells Fargo Women's Financial Services, Albuquerque, NM, 15 Aug 2001
Chicago, IL, 16 Aug 2001
University of Toledo College of Law, Toledo, OH, 1 Oct 2001
30th Anniversary Humanitarian Awards Banquet, Los Angeles, CA, 5 Oct 2001
Dallas, TX, 18 Oct 2001
Living Landmarks Award Ceremony, New York, NY, 7 Nov 2001
Summit, NJ, 10 Nov 2001
Nashville, TN, 14 Nov 2001
City Arts & Lectures, San Francisco, CA, 1 Dec 2001
Chicago, IL, 4 Dec 2001
Educational Equity Concepts 2nd Annual Awards Dinner, New York, NY, 7 Dec 2001

21st Century Feminism, San Jose, CA, 13 Feb 2002
Korean American Family Service Center, New York, NY, 2 Mar 2002
Suffolk Academy of Law, Long Island, NY, 20 Mar 2002
Pennsylvania State University Lecture, State College, PA, 21 Mar 2002
YWCA of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach, FL, 22 Mar 2002
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 26 Mar 2002
Bell State University, Muncie, IN, 27 Mar 2002
Ms. Magazine & GM Motors, Detroit, MI, 1 Apr 2002
Durham, NC, 2 Apr 2002
Los Angeles, CA, 7 Apr 2002
Austin, TX, 24 Apr 2002
At the Tipping Point, Washington, DC, 2 May 2002
Southern Methodist University Honorary Degree, Dallas, TX, 17 May 2002
Annual Meeting of the Jewish Women's Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, 20 May 2002
Lunch with Gloria Steinem, Boulder, CO, 29 May 2002
The Ways of Wise Women: Creating Fulfillment After 50+, New York, NY, 26 Jul 2002
City Club of Chicago, 1 Sep 2002
St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, 21 Sep 2002
90 Minutes for Millie, Detroit, MI, 15 Oct 2002
Family Service of Greater Waterbury Annual Dinner, 17 Oct 2002
New Jersey Women's Conference, 23 Oct 2002
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Event, Washington, DC, 1 Nov 2002
14th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care, Orlando, FL, 11 Dec 2002
Elmsford, NY, 2 Dec 2002

Breakfast with Champions, Seattle, WA, 2 Feb 2003
Hockaday School 2003 Hartman Fellow, Dallas, TX, 4 Feb 2003
Women's Sexualities: Portrayals and Perspective, Bloomington, MN, 6 Feb 2003
Women's History Month Kick-Off, Huntington, WV, 11 Mar 2003
Rosa Parks Woman of Courage Award, Montgomery, AL, 18 Mar 2003
What You've Always Wanted to Know About Feminism and Been Afraid to Ask, Edwardsville, IL, 19 Mar 2003
Praises for the World, Oakland, CA, 22 Mar 2003
Bradley University, 27 Mar 2003
South Bend, IN, 27 Mar 2003
Woman: Mind, Body, Soul, Richmond, IN, 28 Mar 2003
Purchase, Ny, 23 Apr 2003
Women and Power Bringing Balance to the World, Rhinebeck, NY, 30 May 2003
American Library Association, Toronto, Canada, 21 Jun 2003
AAUW Achievement Award, Providence, RI, 23 Jun 2003
Hauppauge, NY, 18 Sep 2003
"Can Advertising and Activism Work Together?" New York, NY, 18 Oct 2003
PEN USA Award of Honor, Los Angeles, CA, 23 Oct 2003
Philadelphia, PA, 14 Nov 2003
Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, OH, 17 Nov 2003

Women in Technology, Elmsford, NY, 15 Jan 2004
Collegiate School, New York, NY, 1 Apr 2004
Emerge: Women Leaders for a Democratic Future, San Francisco, CA, 4 Apr 2004
5th Annual Grant Awards Luncheon for the Fund for Women & Girls, 8 Apr 2004
Elkin Isaac Research Symposium, Albion, MI, 15 Apr 2004
Scripps College Commencement, Claremont, CA, 16 May 2004
Women in Technology, Tarrytown, NY, 3 Jun 2004
Trusting Who We Already Are, New York, NY, 11 Sep 2004
United Nations Rally, New York, NY, 12 Sep 2004
Kerry Edwards Victory 2004, Tenafly, NJ, 23 Sep 2004
6th Annual Women's Breakfast, Dorchester, MA, 30 Sep 2004
Sex, Politics, and Cocktails, FL, 1 Oct 2004
Women's Building 25th Anniversary Gala, San Francisco, CA, 7 Oct 2004
Summit Women's Empowerment, 8 Oct 2004
American Indian Foundation Summit on Women's Empowerment, 8 Oct 2004
Center for Sacred Studies, Columbia, CA, 11 Oct 2004
International Council of Thirteen Grandmothers, Phoenicia, NY, 13 Oct 2004
Global Women's Gathering, New York, NY, 14 Oct 2004
Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Washington DC, 18 Oct 2004
Woo - Women of Ohio (and the world) Week-end, Cincinnati, OH, 28 Oct 2004
Public Discussion about Women in Film and Video, New York, NY, 3 Nov 2004
Citymeals on Whells Power Lunch for Women, New York, NY, 18 Nov 2004
Equality Now: Discussion on Women, Media, and the Law, New York, NY, 3 Dec 2004

Planned Parenthood of Collier County 30th Anniversary Celebration, 1 Feb 2005
Celebration to Benefit National Women's Hall of Fame, New York, NY, 3 Feb 2005
City Arts & Lectures: On Art & Politics, San Francisco, CA, 9 Feb 2005
University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism, Columbia, MO, 10 Feb 2005
Mosaic: Annual Conference on Gender Issues, 20 Feb 2005
Jewish Community Federation: Power of One, San Francisco, CA, 7 Mar 2005
CBCA Sexual Reproductive Wellness Centre, Calgary, Alberta, 7 Apr 2005
Women of Vision Award, Yale University, 21 Apr 2005
Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, CT, 22 Apr 2005
FemCab, Toronto, Canada, 2 May 2005
Correctional Association Remarks, New York, NY, 8 Jun 2005
Hackensack, NJ, 18 Oct 2005
An Evening with Gloria Steinem, Cleveland, OH, 27 Oct 2005
15th Annual YWCA Luncheon, San Jose, CA, 2 Nov 2005
"Finding Common Ground: Working Together to Reduce Domestic Violence," Toronto, Canada, 28 Nov 2005
Fundraiser for National Council of Women's Health, New York, NY, 1 Dec 2005
Pacific Institute Conversation and Reading, San Francisco, CA, 2 Dec 2005


Bella Abzug Leadership, New York, NY, Feb 8, 2005
An Evening With Gloria Steinem, Mankato, MO, 14 Feb 2006
Philadelphia, PA, 14 Feb 2006
Seattle University School of Law, 9 May 2006
WACK! Women's Consortium Lunch, Los Angeles, CA, 10 May 2006
The Musem of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA, 10 May 2006
Women: Builders of Community and Dreams, Columbus, MS, 21 Mar 2006
Pace University, Pleasantville, NY 6 Apr 2006
Ron Ridenhour Awards, Pleasantville, NY, 6 Apr 2006
Art Table, New York, NY, 7 Apr 2006
"The Time is Now," 2006 ICAN Women's Leadership Conference, Omaha, NE, 19 Apr 2006
Building a Movement, Portland ME, 20 Apr 2006
Central Washington University, 4 May 2006
Forbes Executive Women's Forum, 8 May 2006
"Ancient Voices- Contemporary Contexts," Bemidji, MI, 23 Jun 2006
31st Annual Minneapolis Radio Conclave, 13 Jul 2006
"Greenstone Media: Why Radio Matters," Minneapolis, MN, 14 Jul 2006
"Breaking Out of the Invisible Prisons," American Sociological Association Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada, 1 Aug 2006
University of Wisconsin - Eu Claire, 26 Sep 2006

Center for the Advancement of Women, New York, NY, 24 Oct 2006



Secret Censors, Public Solutions, New Delhi, India, 1 Feb 2007

Keynote address at the Lupe Anguiano Archive at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, Los Angeles, CA, 12 May 2007

Center for Community Solutions, San Diego, CA, 14 March 2007

Panel Discussion with Holly Kernan and Meredith May, Mills College, Oakland, CA, 15 March 2007

30th Anniversary of Old Dominion University's Women's Center, Norfolk, VA, 21 May 2007

Jewish Family Services, 12 April 2007

Mississauga Convention Centre-Interim Place, Mississauga, ON, 10 May 2007

The Women's Fund of Central Ohio, Columbus, OH, 14 May 2007

Great neck, NY, 17 May 2007

Northampton, MA, 1 Jun 2007

Atlanta, GA, 2 Jun 2007

Minneapolis, MN, 12 Jun 2007

Houston, TX, 17 Sep 2007

New Haven, CT, 26 Sep 2007

Northampton, MA, 29 Sep 2007

Madison, WI, 16 Oct 2007

Book launch ofEnslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery,Boston, MA, 15 Nov 2007



The Progression of Feminism: Where Are We Going

Students for Reproductive Rights event, Wellesley, MA, 6 Feb 2008

Women’s World Conference, New York, NY, 26 Feb 2008

The Power Within, Toronto, CA, 3 Mar 2008

Lafayette College, Easton, PA, 4 Mar 2008

This is What A Feminist Looks Like: The True Diversity of Feminism (event), with Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL, 5 Mar 2008

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, 6 Mar 2008

Feminist Legal Theory and Feminism Conference, University of Baltimore School of Law, 6 Mar 2008

Western Kentucky University, 1 Apr 2008

Birch Wathen Lenox School, New York, NY, 22 May 2008

The Great Fenway Park Writers Series, Boston, MA, 1 Jun 2008

The Commonwealth Institute Breakfast for Champions, Boston, MA, 4 Jun 2008

Cobbleskill, NY, 2 Oct 2008

The Women’s Conference, Long Beach, CA, 22 October 2008

Panel with Leymah Gbowee, West African Women’s Policy Forum, Accra, Ghana, 1 Dec 2009

Panel on Sex Trafficking with Rachel Lloyd and Taina Bien-Aime, Sackler Center for Feminist Art (Brooklyn Museum), Brooklyn, NY, 13 Dec 2008



An Evening with Gloria Steinem, NARAL SD, Sioux Falls, SD, 12 Jan 2009

Sun Valley Arts Center, Boise, ID, 14 Jan 2009

Panel at Women’s Leadership Luncheon (People’s Inaugural Gala Weekend), Washington DC, 17 Jan 2009

Russian Union of Journalists conference, Moscow, Russia, 2 Feb 2009

Mobilizing Nursing Leadership Conference, Toronto, Ontario, 8 Feb 2009

Compelling Conversations (event series), Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA, 24 Feb 2009

Practice and Practicalities: The Women’s Movement in Retrospect (event), Columbia Law School, New York, NY, 3 Mar 2009

Issues on My Mind (event series), New York, NY, 3 Mar 2009

Remarks about peace and International Women’s Day, San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, 6 Mar 2009

Remarks about the history of the women’s movement and advice for young women, Castilleja School, Palo Alto, CA, 10 Mar 2009

“The Longest Revolution,” Addison Gayle Memorial Lecture Series, New York, NY, 1 Apr 2009

Innovation, Migration and Transference: Voices, Gender and Expression in the Changing World (event), Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 2 Apr 2009

The Sixties: The Decade that Defined a Generation (event), Macomb Center for Performing Arts, Lorenzo Cultural Center, Clinton Township, MI, 16 Apr 2009

A Keeping of Records: The Art and Life of Alice Walker (symposium), 24 Apr 2009

Engage Her: Activating Women and Multicultural Communities Conference, 25 Apr 2009

Vermont Woman Newspaper 6th Anniversary, Burlington, VT, 11 June 2009
Women's Leadership Summit, Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH, 12 June 2009
Minnesota Women's Campaign Fund womenwinning Annual Event, Minneapolis, MN, 14 June 2009
Omega Conference- Women and Power: Connecting Across the Generations, Rhinebeck, NY, 11 September 2009
"Women of Vision" National Council of Jewish Women, Detroit, MI, 15 September 2009    
Tennessee Economic Council on Women, Women's Economic Summit, Lebanon, TN, 19 October 2009
"Moving Beyond Abuse"Fundraiser for Women Aware Inc, New Brunswick, NJ, 28 October 2009

Founding the Future: A conversation with Beverly Guy-Sheftall and Gloria Steinem, Atlanta, GA, 5 November 2009
Reflections on Feminism: A Voyage of Discovery with Gloria Steinem, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, 6 November 2009
Progressive Leadership Awards Gala, Citizen Action of New York, NY, NY, 8 December 2009



Amnesty International 2010 Annual General Meeting and National Conference, New Orleans, LA, 10 April 2010
"Sex Trafficking and the New Abolitionists", Washington University in St. Louis, MO, 12 April 2010
"Women and Men: Partnership for the 21st Century", University of Texas, Dallas, TX, 13 April 2010
Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at Kutztown University, Kutztown,    PA, 15 April 2010
"Voices, Values, and Vision" at the Women Moving Millions Conference, Denver, CO, 20 April 2010    
Seattle Inspire Luncheon, Seattle YWCA, Seattle, WA, 22 April 2010



Remarks at Gael Greene lunch

Speech at march against pornography

Speech at International Women's Year event

"Women as a Political Force" address before the League of Women Voters

Women, the Law, and the Economy

Introduction of Alice Walker

"On Being a Writer"

Testimony before Human Rights Commission

“Feminism and Democracy: We Can’t Have One Without the Other,” Cambridge, MA