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photo collage of books by feminist, author and activist Gloria Steinem


Cover of Ms. Magazine

Cover of Ms. Magazine Cover of Ms. Magazine 



Spring   “Sisterhood”

July   Women Voters Can’t Be Trusted

August   “The Woman Who Died Too Soon – Marilyn”

October   “Coming of Age with McGovern”


January   “The Ticket That Might Have Been – President Chisolm”

March   “Why Women voted for Richard Nixon”

March   “The Verbal Karate of Florynce R. Kennedy, Esq.”

June   “Women and Money – If We’re So Smart, Why Aren’t We Rich?”


April   “Running for Office – Special Section”

September   “Laura Gilpin: The Compassionate Eye”


January   “It’s Your Year”

May   “But What Do We Do With Our Rage?”

August   “Questions No One Asked Dr. Kenneth Edelin on the Witness Stand”



January   “Gloria Steinem and Elizabeth Reid Talk About Revolution”

February   “Glenda Jackson Talks About Sarah Bernhardt – an Interview with Gloria Steinem”

July   “Cheer Up”

November   “Is There Sex After Sex Roles?”


February   “If the Shoe Doesn’t’ Fit, Change the Foot”

March   “The Rise of the Pink Collar Ghetto”

July   “Two Feminists Tell How They Work – Inside the System, Outside the System”

August   “Pornography – Not Sex But the Obscene Use of Power”

November   “Abortion Alert”



January   “Will Women Make Carter a One-Term President – How Do We Like Him So Far?”

May   “An Interview With Valerie Harper”

July   “How To Survive Though a Feminist”

October   “If Men Could Menstruate”

November   “Erotica and Pornography – A Clear and Present Difference”

December   “Give a Little Revolution for Christmas”


March  “Why Women Work – Gloria Steinem on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis”

September   “The Good News Is: These Are Not The Best Years of Your Life!”

November   “What Is a New Ms.?”

December   “The Way We Were – And Will Be”


February   “The Politics of Food”

March   “The International Crime of Genital Mutilation” (with Robin Morgan)

March   “The Time Factor”

April   “The Draft – Who Needs It?”

May   “Linda Lovelace’s Ordeal”

June   “Two Cheers for Egypt – Talks With Jihan Sadat and Other Daughters of the Nile”

July   “RX Fantasies for Temporary Relief of Pain Due to Injustice…”

August   “Getting Off the Plantation with Lorna, Bessie, Joyce and Bernadette”

September   “Can Half of America Be Single-Issue Politics? The Problems of Taking 1980 Lying Down”

October   “The Nazi Connection: Part I – If Hitler Were Alive, Whose Side Would He Be On?”

November   “The Nazi Connection: Part II – Authorianism Begins at Home”

December   “Peace on Earth – Good Will to People”


January   “Now That It’s Reagan”

February   “Watch on the Right – the Ultimate Invasion of Privacy”

March   “Finally a “Total Woman” in the White House!”

April   “What Are We Waiting For?”

May   “The Politics of Talking in Groups – How to Win the Game and Change the Rules”

June   “In the Middle of the Backlash – Some Cheerful Words About Men”

August   “The Budget as a Statement of Values – Theirs and Ours”

September   “Reunions: When College Never Ends”

November   “Night Thoughts of a Media Watcher”

December   “Barnstorming on Feminist Air Force One”

cover of Ms. magazine cover of Ms. magazine

cover of Ms. magazine



January   “How to make War Not Love: A Right Wing Lexicon”

February   “How to Survive Burn-Out, Reagan, and Daily Life: Create Psychic Turf”

March   “Your Letters Make History”

April   “In Praise of Women’s Bodies”

June   “Do You Know This Woman? She Knows You. A Profile of Alice Walker”

August   “The Stage is Set”

October   “Phil Donahue Talks to Gloria Steinem”

November   “Five Reasons to Vote, Any One of Which Should Be Enough”


February   “Here’s Gloria and… George Burns”

April   “John Kenneth Galbraith: The Economics of Housework”

June   “Marie Ragghianti and Tennessee’s “Red Neck Mafia”: What Happens When an Ordinary Woman  

Blows the Whisle on her Boss”

September   “Ruth’s Song (Because She Could Not See It)”

October   “Talking Revolution: Have You Ever Been Afraid of Public Speaking (So Was I)”

December   “Our Best Bette – an interview by Gloria Steinem”



February   “In Short – Yentl”

April   “Betty Ford Today – Still Speaking Out”

June   “Fifty is What 40 Used to Be – and Other Thoughts on Growing Up”

July   “Introduction to Survey on How Women Live, Vote, Thing…”

August   “Men Tell the Truth”

October   “The Ferraro Factor – What Difference Can One Woman Make?”

December   “Election Roundup: What No One Else Would Tell You About the Ferraro Campaign – A

Reporter’s Notebook by Gloria Steinem”


January   “Geraldine Ferraro”

July   “Coming Up: The Unprecedented Women”

July   “Good News: Here Come the New Megatrends – John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene Interviewed by

Gloria Steinem”

December   “Shirley MacLaine Talks About Spirit vs. Action”


January   “Patti Davis”

February   “Why Richard Gere?”

June   “The Trouble with Rich Women”

August   “If Marilyn Had Lived… Who Would She Be Today?”



July/Aug   “Looking to the Future”

September   “If Moral Decay is the Question, Is a Feminist Ethic the Answer?”


January   “Bette Midler”


July/Aug   “A Basic Human Right”


July/Aug   “Sex, Lies and Advertising”


Jan/Feb   “Women in the Dark – of Sex Goddesses, Abuse, and Dreams”

July/ Aug   “What’s a Ms. Foundation?”

Nov/Dec   “Helping Ourselves to Revolution”


Mar/April   “Creating jobs We Can’t Be Fired From”

July/Aug   “A Ms. Family Album”

Nov/Dec   “Helping Ourselves to Revolution”


Jan/Feb   “Life After Backlash: Our Women in Washington”


March/April   “Womb Envy, Testyria, and Breast Castration Anxiety: What if Freud Were Female?”


July/Aug   “Books”

Sep/Oct   “Words and Change”


Jan/Feb   “Bella Abzug – Woman of the Year”

Mar/April   “Swedish Sojourn”

Sep/Oct   “Voting as Rebellion”


Mar/April    “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” (Larry Flynt)

Jan/Feb   “Woman of the Year: Rebecca Adamson”

Sep/Oct   “Revving Up for the Next Generation”


May/June   “Yes Means Yes, No Means No”


Apr/May   "A Letter from Gloria Steinem"

Aug/Sept   "Supremacy Crimes"


Feb/March   “Advice to Old Fems”

April/May   “Whose Voice”

July   Hillary in the Crossfire


Dec/Jan   “It’s All in the Families”

April/May   “Florynce of America”

June/July  “Our Sister’s Keepers”

Oct/Nov   “Back to Ourselves”


Spring   “Dear Reader”


Summer   "Remember Our Power!"