Short Pieces

photo collage of books by feminist, author and activist Gloria Steinem


Essays in Anthologies:


“What It Would Be Like if Women Win,” Liberation Now! Writings from the Women’s Liberation Movement, 1971



Recipe, The Noteworthy Gourmet Cookbook, Jul 1994

Chapter, Speaking of Reading (by Nadine Rosenthal), Aug 1994

Chapter, The Cube: Keep the Secret (by Annie Gottlieb), Jan 1995

“Women and Leadership,” Lifecycles (ed. Debra Orenstein), Feb 1995

Feminist Reading List, The Hutchison Encyclopedias, Aug 1995

Contribution, Pearls of Wisdom from Grandma, 1997

“Steinem, Pauline Perlmutter (1866-1940),” Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia, 1997.

Essay, Betty Shabazz: A Tribute in Words and Pictures, Mar 1998

“Generations Apart, Learning Together (with Amy Richards),” Letters of Intent: Women Across the Generations to Talk About Family, Work, Sex, Love and the Future of Feminism, 1999



Contribution, The Right Words at the Right Time (ed. Marlo Thomas), 2001

“Fannie Lou Hamer: 6 October 1917- 14 March 1977,” Invisible Giants: 50 Americans Who Shaped the Nation but Missed the History Books, 2002

“The Media and the Movement: A User’s Guide,” Sisterhood is Forever; The Women’s Anthology for the New Millenium (ed. Robin Morgan), 2003

Contribution, A Hand to Guide Me, 2005

"Learning from a Year of Hope and Hard Choices," Who Should be First (ed. Beverly Guy-Sheftall), 2009





Introduction to Marc Feigen Fasteau, The Male Machine, 1974

Introduction to Ginny Vida, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (ed), Our Right to Love: A Lesbian Resource Book, 1978



Introduction to Linda Lovelace (Marchiano) with Mike McGrady, Out of Bondage, Jan 1986

Foreword to Charlotte Bunch (ed), Building Feminist Theory: Essays from Quest, 1981

“Four Good Reasons for Reading This Book,” Doonesbury Dossier: The Reagan Years, 1984



Foreword, Women Respond to the Men’s Movement: A Feminist Collection, 1992

Introduction to Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, Our Bodies Ourselves, 1997

Foreword to Gail Hanlon, Voicing Power: Conversations with Visionary Women, 1997

Introduction to Forever...The Judy Collins Anthology (CD), 1998

Foreword to Tom Keehn, India Ink, 1999



Foreword to Jane Roland Martin, Coming of Age in Academe: Rekindling Women’s Hopes and Reforming the Academy, 2000

Foreword, Eleanor and Harry, 2002

Introduction to Helen Hunt, Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance, 2004

“Wheels Over Indian Trails,” Every Day is a Good Day (Wilma Mankiller), 2004

Introduction to Andrea Johnston, Girls Speak Out, 2005

Introduction to Jesse Sage and Loui Itoh (eds), Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery, 2006



Magazine Writings:



"Senior Spring," 1956

"Western Women in India," Delhi Sunday Statesman, Oct 1957

"In the Camp of the Radical Humanists," Radical Humanist, 30 Jun 1957

"Smith Girl Learns Much from India Experience," Smith College Sophian, Oct 1957

"Letter from Kerala," for Smith College Sophian, circa 1957



"Big Weekend in New York," Esquire, Sep 1961



"Show Business in Toledo," Feb 1962

"How Far Behind the Scenes Can You Get?," Show, Mar 1962

"Eureka! Europa," Show, May 1962

"Some Suggested Fantasies to Have in the Sand," Show, May 1962

"Return of the Figure," Show, Jun 1962

"Richard Rovere's Ride," Herald Tribune, Jul 1962

"Student Prince," Esquire, Sep 1962

"Helsinki: The Last Red Festival," Show, Oct 1962

"This Month," Show, 1962-63



"A Bunny's Tale" 1963

"Comfort," Glamour, Feb 1963

"Funny Ways to Find a Man on the Beach," Glamour, Jun 1963

"How the Single Girl Really Spends Her Money" Glamour, Oct 1963

"How to Put Up With a Difficult Man," Glamour, Nov 1963

"People are Talking About Advance Notice," Vogue, 1963



"How to Find Your Type," Glamour, Feb 1964

"Haircut by Sassoon," Glamour, Mar 1964

"Visiting Englishmen Are No Roses," New York Times Magazine, 29 Mar 1964

"Meet the Real New York," Glamour, Apr 1964

"Girls in Their Summer Dresses," Glamour, May 1964

"Marisol: The Face behind the Mask," Glamour, Jun 1964

"Shake Your Head Three Times," Glamour, Jul 1964

"College and What I Learned There," Glamour, Aug 1964

""So You Want to be a Spy," Glamour, Sep 1964

Coalition for Full Employment," Social Policy, Sep 1964

"Men Talk About Love," Glamour, Nov 1964

"The Beatle with a Future," Cosmopolitan, Dec 1964

"Culture and the Candidates," Glamour, Dec 1964

"The Death of the Cool and the Birth of Beyond Cool," Glamour, Dec 1964

"Crazylegs; or, the Biography of Fashion," New York Times Magazine, Dec 1964

"Manners and Games," Glamour, circa 1964

"Won't You Please Come In," 1964

"Kennedy Memorial," 1964



"Put Yourself First," Glamour, Jan 1965

"Gernreich's Progress; or, Eve Unbound," New York Times Magazine, Jan 1965

"A Visit with Dorothy Parker," Ladies Home Journal, Feb 1965

"Julie Andrews," Vogue, Mar 1965

"How to Leave Home Gracefully," Glamour, Mar 1965

"Deception," Glamour, May 1965

"Rooftop New York: What Goes on up There?," Ladies Home Journal, Jul 1965

"Saul Bellow," Glamour, Jul 1965

"Who has the Higher Morals IQ... You or Your Mother?," Glamour, Nov 1965

"Nylons in the Newsroom," The New York Times, 7 Nov 1965

"A Skeleton Key to Pop Culture," Life, 1965

"What's in It for Me," Harper's, 1965



"She Will Not Vegetate in Gracie Mansion," New York Times Magazine, Jan 1966

"A Visit with Truman Capote," Glamour, Apr 1966

"Boy-Girl Morals Quiz," Glamour, May 1966

"LeFrak Way of Life," New York Times Magazine, 31 Jul 1966

"Our Man is 'Real Boss,'" New York Times, 28 Aug 1966

"Student Princess," Glamour, Aug 1966

"Best Christmas Gift of All: Tradition," Glamour, Sep 1966

"Maurice Joseph Micklewhite (Michael Caine)," New York Times Magazine, 4 Dec 1966

"Adventures of Max and Jennie," Glamour, 1966

"Peter O'Toole," circa 1966

"James Baldwin: An Original," Vogue, 1966-67



"The New Place in the Sun," Glamour, Apr 1967

"A Woman for all Seasons: Margot Fonteyn," McCall's, May 1967

"Great Establishment Game," Glamour, Jul 1967

"Advice for Misfits," Glamour, Sep 1967

"Go Right Ahead and Ask Me Anything," McCall's, Nov 1967

“Shaw did Write 'Tootsie-Wootsie'," New York Times, 12 Nov 1967



"And Starring Lee Bouvier," McCall's, Feb 1968

"The Inner Man," Glamour, Mar 1968

"Ho Chi Minh in New York," New York, Apr 1968

"City on the Eve of Destruction," New York, April 22, 1968

"Paul Newman: Wherever he Goes, Things Happen," Chicago's American Magazine, Jun 1968

"Notes on the New Marriage," New York, Jul 1968

"Trying to Love Eugene," New York, Aug 1968

"Looking Around with Gloria Steinem," Look, Sep 1968

"What the Kennedy Family Taught Me," Glamour, Sep 1968

"In Your Heart You Know He's Nixon," New York, Oct 1968

"The Smartest Girl in New York," Glamour, Oct 1968

"The Black John Wayne: Jim Brown," New York, Nov 1968

"What Culture," Look, Nov 1968

"Women and Power," New York, Dec 1968

"Unions, Black People, and Mrs. Onassis," New York, 16 Dec 1968

"Post-Election Diary," 1968

"A Close-up Look at Bernadette Devlin," Glamour, 1968

"City Politics," columns for New York, 1968-76



"After Black Power, Women's Liberation," New York, 4 Apr 1969

"Nelson Rockefeller: The Sound of One Hand Clapping," New York, Aug 1969



"Why We Need a Woman President in 1976," Look, Jan 1970

"Laboratory for Love Styles," New York, 16 Feb 1970

"Women's Liberation Aims to Free Men, Too," Washington Post, Jun 1970

"The Machismo Factor," The New York Times, 7 Jun 1970

"What It Would Be Like if Women Win," Time, 31 Aug 1970

"What Playboy Doesn't Know About Women...," McCall's, Oct 1970



"A New Egalitarian Lifestyle," The New York Times, 6 Oct 1971



"The Myth of the Masculine Mystique," International Education, Spring 1972

"Sexual Politics," Newsweek, Jul 1972

"Wonder Woman," circa 1972

"Who Voted for Richard Nixon?," circa 1972



"What We're All About," National Association of Mental Health Journal, Winter 1973 "To Any Women Who Happened to Read 'And Now, A Word from Our Leader...'," 1973



"The Politics of Journalism," Folio, Jan 1974



"Gloria Steinem on Chivalry," Mainliner, Feb 1975

"Are we Open to Change?," Life Advertiser, Mar 1975

"Sex...and Music," New York Times, 8 Nov 1975

"Women Composers," Marietta [Ohio] Times, 8 Nov 1975

"Women's Unsung Talents," Elmira Telegram, 9 Nov 1975

"Third World 'Lib' Hurting," Denver Post, 26 Jul 1975

"Voices for Life," from Voices for Life: Reflections on the Human Condition, 1975

"Women's Lives Will Change," U.S. News and World Report, 1975



"Gloria Steinem and Elizabeth Reid on Revolution," 1976



"Going Too Far," review of Robin Morgan's book, New York Times Book Review, 6 May 1977

"Women Rate Carter's First Year," circa 1977

"Up From Powerlessness," The Sixties, 1977

"Incest: Personal Testimonies," Gazette, 1977



"Erotica vs. Pornography: What's the Difference?" Sunday Woman, circa Nov 1978 "Latin American Conference," 1978



"Why Women Work," Eastern [Airlines] Review, Jun 1979



"The Draft: Ms. Shoots Back," Electricity,20 Mar 1980

Time magazine editorial, Jun 1980

"Communist Concerns of Womankind," World Paper, Jul-Aug 1980

"Women Could Decide the Election," View, 2 Nov 1980

"The Draft: Who Needs It," 1980

Preface, Quest, 1980



"Letter to the Editor," JD [John Deere] Journal, Dec 1981

"Begin to Say Goodbye Again," Secretary Speakout '81, 1981



"Jackie Reconsidered," Literary Cavalcade, Dec 1983



"Ferraro," 1 Jun 1984

"Commentary Corner," Advertising Age, 1984



"Richard Gere," circa 1985

"How I Became a Writer," Glamour, Oct 1985



"If Marilyn Had Lived," Cleo, Jun 1987



"Family Portraits," 1989



“Sisterhood,” ProWoman, 1 October 1990

"Leaps Forward: Post-Patriarchal Eating," 1990

"Why Wealthy Women Also Need the Women's Movement," 1990



“The Secret Women Don’t Want to Keep,” USA Today, 28 May 1991



New York Magazine 25th Anniversary on Clay Felker, New York, Apr 1993



On Women’s colleges, Vogue, Jan 1994

Women & Therapy: Feminist Journal, Nov 1994

“Letter to the Editor,” Time Magazine, 1994



“The Power of One Vote: Motivating Women to Take Political Action,” Nursing Policy Forum, 15 April 1996

“Making Connections,” Treating Abuse Today: A Magazine of Abuse Survivorship and Therapy, 1996



“Hollywood Cleans Up Hustler,” The New York Times, Jan 1997

The New Yorker, 3 Nov 1997

Piece about Bella Abzug, Culture Front, Dec 1997

“Promise Keepers Show Anti-Equality Colors,” The New York Times, 1997

“Up for Debate,” Build, 1997.



“Feminists and the Clinton Question,” The New York Times, Mar 1998

“Margaret Sanger: Her Crusade to Legalize Birth Control Spurred the Movement for Women’s Liberation,” Time Magazine, Apr 1998

“Introduction,” Miriam Schapiro’s Works on Paper, 7 Dec 1998

“Bella Abzug,” American Photo, 1998



“Introduction,” North Carolina Journal of International Law & Commercial Regulation, winter 1999



“Lovely to Look Upon or Else,” The New York Times, 2000

“A Great Woman Who Was Everywoman,” The New York Times, 2001

“Ten Best Things in New York,” 2002

“Don’t Get Mad – Get Active!” Seventeen, March 2003

“Danger on the Home Front: Women’s Commission Threatened,” The Hartford Courant, Mar 2003

“What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage? (It’s Not What You Think),” The New York Times, Jan 2004

“Vera Drake,” 20 Oct 2004

“Bigscreen Abortion Contortions,” Daily Variety Gotham, Jan 2005

“Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm,” New York Magazine, Jan 2005

“I’m a Hopeaholic. There’s Nothing George Bush Can Do About It,” The Guardian, Apr 2005

Right Candidates, Wrong Question,” The New York Times, Feb 2007

"Women Are Never Front-Runners," The New York Times, Jan 2008

“For Ruth Smith”, The Ruth Proskauer Smith Fund for End-of-Life Choices at Compassion & Choices, 11 Feb 2008

"Wrong Woman, Wrong Message," The LA Times, Sept 2008


no date:

"But Dear God, Where are the Women?," n.d.

"Charles Percy," n.d.

"Barbra Streisand: The Beautiful Ugly Duckling," Ladies Home Journal, n.d.

"Age of the Contraceptive Pill," n.d.

"After Black Power What? Women's Liberation, That's What," n.d.

"The Anti-Woman Crusade to Houston," n.d.

"Coming of Age with McGovern," n.d.

"Coming Up: The Unprecedented Woman,"

"Communist Party of India," Smith College paper[?], n.d.

"The Contraceptive Revolution and the Single Girl," n.d.

"Detroit Press Blackout," n.d.

"Do You Know about These Trends?," n.d.

"The Establishment Lives (More or Less)," n.d. 112

"The Fate of Zsa Zsa's Bed," New York, n.d.

"First Lie Detector," n.d.

"First Take the Ms. College Quiz," n.d.

"Frontis," n.d.

G.Q. Tests, n.d.

"How I Work When I Work," n.d.

"How Not to Feel Morally Inferior to the French," n.d.

"How to Know Which Men to Pick Up," n.d.

"How to Pick up a Man on the Beach," n.d.

"If We Lived Here, Daddy, You'd be Home by Now," n.d.

"I Love Work, I Love Power, I Love Success," New York Times Magazine, n.d. "Imagining Eva and Isabel," n.d.

"The Importance of Ms. Magazine," n.d.

“An Incomplete but Highly Personal Guide to Social Differentiation in New York," G.Q., n.d.

"In Praise of Women's Bodies," n.d.

"Inside the Press: the Search for Nixon's Doctor,"

"The International Feminist Revolution," n.d.

"Learning from Scandalous Women," n.d.

"The Least Dangerous Game," n.d.

"Lee Bouvier Comes Out," n.d.

"Letter to Delegates from New York Citizens for McGovern," n.d.

"Liberation," n.d.

"Looking Backward...and Ahead," n.d.

"Malcolm X: Newsspot," n.d.

"Map of the Gender Gap," n.d.

"The McGovern Phenomenon," n.d.

"Music, Music, Music," n.d.

"The Nazi Connection, Part II," n.d.

New Yorker (letter), n.d.

"New York, I Love You," Glamour, n.d.

"A Nice Healthy President," n.d.

"Night Thoughts of a Media Watcher," n.d.

"Ninth Birthday Personal Report," n.d.

"1964 Won't You Please Come In," n.d.

"Noel Coward in Ham and Eggs," n.d.

"No More 'Just Learn your Sides, Man'...," New York Times, n.d.

"Notes from the Cancer Ward," New York, n.d.

"On The Press," n.d.

"On the Re-Reading of A.A. Milne," n.d.

“An Ordinary Woman," n.d.

"The Party," Vogue, n.d.

"The Passionate Giver," n.d.

"Paul Newman: Movie Star," n.d.

"Paul Newman: The Trouble with Being Too Good Looking," n.d.

"Miscellany," n.d.

"The Moral Disarmament of Betty Coed," Esquire, n.d.

"Mrs. Kennedy at the Moment," Esquire, n.d.

"Personal Paths to Feminism," n.d.

"A Plan for Improving Indo-American Relations in America," n.d.

"Poetic Deaths, or the Suicide Game," n.d.

"The Politics of Talking," n.d.

"Predictions: Global Feminism," n.d.

"The Price You Pay," n.d.

"Proustian Memories, The Poor Peoples," n.d.

"Pudge," n.d.

"The Real New Yorkers," n.d.

"Ride the Sophistication Roller Coaster," n.d.

"Room at the Bottom, Boredom on Top," n.d.

"The Sari Is a Way of Life," n.d.

"Secrets of Deception," n.d.

"Secrets of Mexico City," n.d.

"Sonia Johnson in TRO," n.d.

"Spot News," n.d.

"A Starter List of Movie Classics," Ms., n.d.

"Sophisticated Fun and Games," n.d.

"Speaking of Revolution: A Feminist Learns to Talk," n.d.

"Subversive Dressing," n.d.

"Suggestions for Vogue's America Issue," n.d.

"Surrealism," n.d.

"Take the Good Taste, Bad Taste Quiz," n.d.

"Telephone Answering Service," n.d.

"Tell Me, Linda, What in Your Background Led You to a Concentration Camp?," n.d.

"Testimony--Human Rights Commission," n.d.

"That Woman in City Hall," New York, n.d.

"Things to Say - and Not to Say - at Parties," n.d.

"Truman Capote," n.d.

"Two Cheers for Egypt," n.d.

“The Kaleidescope of Memory,” n.d.

“The Secret Women Don’t Want to Keep,” USA Today, n.d.

"A Very Special Party," n.d.

"What Are We Waiting For?," n.d.

"What is Politics?," Women's Agenda, n.d.

"What is the Women's Movement?," n.d.

"What It's Like to Be Married to Paul Newman," n.d.

"What the U.S. Has to Learn About Women," n.d.

"Why All Issues Are Women's Issues," n.d.

"Why I Write," n.d.

"Womens vs. War," n.d.

World Population Year article (includes interview with Dom Moreas)

"Writing for Films," n.d.




This I Believe,” NPR, 2005