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More Real Than Reality


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Equality Now Gala

I had the pleasure of speaking at Equality Now's 'Make Equality Reality' event in Beverly Hills on November 4, 2013.  

For a transcript of the speech, click here

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Last night's debate

Photo by Carly Romeo of Two Spoons PhotoAt last night’s debate here in Florida, where I’m campaigning with women’s groups, Romney clearly had memorized foreign policy phrases unfamiliar to him.

One was “gender equality” as a remedy for extremism in the Middle East—but Romney is an extremest who doesn’t support gender equality at home.

He has refused to support even equal pay legislation—or the Violence Against Women Act. He has pledged to eliminate Planned Parenthood, and to go even beyond the Middle East by supporting the Human Life Amendment that nationalizes women’s bodies by conferring legal personhood on a fertilized egg.

In America or the Middle East, Mitt Romney as president could turn into our own Ayatollah. Only Obama understands and supports gender equality.

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Help a Feminist in Need!

The Gloria Steinem office came across this story of Rain Burroughs, a feminist who lives with her daughter in Richmond, VA, who are at risk of losing their home! Please watch the video below and go here to make a donation. Every little bit helps!


Saving Rain's House from Kontra on Vimeo.

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Read about Gloria's trip to India!

Want to know more about Gloria's recent trip to India? Check out this newsletter from Apne Aap, the organization doing work on the ground to eradicate human sex trafficking.


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