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photo collage of feminist, author and activist Gloria Steinem

Gloria at the Canadian Women's Foundation Annual Luncheon!

Watch Gloria's full speech below and then visit the CWF Website to learn more about the event and their amazing organization!

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Ford Foundation Video: Beyond Conventions

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I Was A Playboy Bunny

Want to see Gloria's original article on the Playboy Club, the truth of which is particularly salient given the upcoming fictional version on NBC that pretends Playboy was "liberating" for women? Click here to download and read "A Bunny's Tale," 1963 (with a Postscript).

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CNN Video Interview about Jeju Island

Gloria was so happy for the chance to share her concern about the militarization of South Korea's Jeju Island on CNN last week. Click below for the great video!


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For those of you who still need more convincing that the upcoming Documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words, is worth seeing, here are a few more media tidbits about it!

There's a video roundup of Colbert Report appearances this week at  COMEDY CENTRAL –  “This Week on the Colbert Report: Gloria Steinem and The Cars” by Matt Tobey. A video at CBS NEWS has some relections from Gloria on her Playboy Bunny Days; Feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte wrote an article for SLATE about the film--she had both compliments and critiques.

NEW YORK MAGAZINE's Bennett Marcus takes on Gloria's perspective on Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin; And finally (and unrelated to the documentary), ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY reports on a comment Gloria made about Kim Kardashian.

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